Mystery of the Blue Boys Who Look Alongside

Diego Roa's blue boys paintings in Buenos Aires. Photo
All images ©BA Inspiration

If you’ve been walking around the first blocks of Ciudad de la Paz St., just down the bridge that crosses the railway towards Colegiales when Soler St. ends, you may have encountered these blue boys that populate walls and construction-site fences.

Children or young men, blue, somewhat spooky, melancholic and mysterious, who are always looking sideways with concern. What’s not to like? I don’t know about you, but I am semi-obsessed with them.

Unfortunately I cannot find more information about the person who draws these, so if anyone has any clue of the artist (my intuition says it’s a woman) I would more than appreciate the data. More photos below.

Update. The mystery has been solved: the artist’s name is Diego Roa (not a woman after all).

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