Lost Steps at ArteBA 2011

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Exactly one month ago today (!) I went to the pre-opening of ArteBA for an event and checked out the Barrio Joven galleries (always the most interesting part of the fair).

When I was walking back (because biking around La Rural is a nightmare and, since I had forgotten to go to the ATM, the coins I had in my wallet weren’t even enough for a subway ticket), I thought about how the minute I got home I was going to call the friend that lend me her camera (because mine had run out of battery) and ask her for the pictures in order to upload them that same night. I guess that didn’t happen.

In other circumstances I would have dismissed four-week-old images from an event that is over, but these were lingering around my hard drive without wanting to leave. I think it was because works such as the teenage portraits by Venezuelan artist Jeanne Jimenez and the DVD shelf by Natalia Lipovetzky called my attention so much that I wanted to share them anyway.

The gallery I liked the most was one from Tucuman province called Russia, which had a great selection of pieces and a group of sweet girls answering queries on the stand. I really need to visit Tucuman soon.

Below, the images in question.

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