Lights over the Riachuelo at Museums’ Night

Image via Proa.

Museums’ Night hasn’t been exciting for me over the past few years: every art space is too crowded, you cannot see anything and, on top of everything, November nights are not warm enough to wait in the street eagerly.

But this year I’ll give it a new chance, since Fundacion Proa is promoting an outdoor activity at La Boca. It is an intervention of the Nicolas Avellaneda bridge with lights and sounds created by Sigismond de Vajay for his project Of Bridges & Borders.

According to information provided by Proa, there will be performances from Buenos Aires Sonora, Biosphere (Norway) and Scanner (England), while lighting spiders will invite people to think about recovering this space (where one of the most polluted rivers in the world lives).

The show begins this Saturday, November 12, at 8 p.m. with sunset, and will last approximately 60 minutes. They say, “the show will end with fireworks,” which makes no sense environmentally. Oh well.

In addition to the presentation, Proa will open its doors until midnight with the show Gods, myths and rituals of Pre Hispanic Mexico. They also recommend visiting the young gallery Popa (882 Lamadrid), also in the neighborhood.


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